The Studio offers a variety of services from music production; music composition and arrangements; artist song development; band recording; voice-over recording for media film, TV and animation; music lessons and generous rehearsal space.

The Studio offers a good size live room for rehearsal and tracking, together with a comfortable control room for mixing, editing and relaxing!

Music Production

Our Music Production services take you from your very first ideas right through to working with your final demo recordings. We can help you take your vision to the next level.

We cover song-writing, arranging, composing (for bands and artists), TV and film, animations, radio jingles and voice-overs and work with artists live in our studio or the studio of your choice.

With today's ever evolving technology we are able to work with your audio files across the internet.

Please contact us to discuss you requirements.


Artist and band Recordings, our passion is to help all musicians make awesome sounding recordings.


You can hire our facilities with an engineer to help you lay down your tracks (which we can prepare for you to take away to mix yourself); or we can mix and master in-house for you.


We offer a complete mix-down service, where we work with your audio files to achieve the correct balance and sound you require or you can send in your track files via the internet for us to work with.


The final stage in the production process is adding the finishing touches to your track to produce your CD ready master.

Music Video

STUDIO SESSIONS  - are for singers, bands and musicians looking to record high quality music tracks and a video demo of their performance.


In collaboration with OYFE Productions, our service is aimed at Kent-based singers, duos and bands and we invite all artists to come and work with us for a day to create your own Studio Session demo and promotional pack.


Here’s what’s included: One professionally recorded, mixed and mastered music track of your choice.  The track will be made into a studio style video. 10 Promotional photos from your footage.

We provide four hours to record your track and are flexible on how we use your studio session time to achieve the best results for you.